Dates And History Of Establishment Of Komodo National Park Indonesia

1915: The Komodo dragon first formally protected, four years after its discovery to science;
1938: The islands of Padar and part of Rinca were first established as Nature Reserves;
1965: Extended when Komodo Island Nature Reserve was gazetted under Ministerial Decree # 66;
1977: Komodo recognised as an MAB Biosphere Reserve;
1980: The islands of Komodo, Padar, Rinca and Gili Motong and the surrounding waters were declared a 75,000 ha National Park (MOF,1990);
1984: Extended to 219,322 ha under Ministry of Forestry Decree 46/kpts/VI-Sek/ 1984 to include an expanded marine area and reserves on mainland Flores;
2005: Designated an ASEAN Heritage Park.

State. Administered by the Komodo National Park Authority under the Directorate-General of Forest Protection and Nature Conservation (PHKA) of the Ministry of Forestry.
Komodo Island World Heritage Site: 219,322 ha: Komodo National Park (173,300 ha, including Rinca and Padar Islands and a marine area of 130,177 ha), Mbeliling / Ngorang Protection Forest (31,000 ha) and Way Wuul Mburak Park (3,000 ha).
Ranges from below sea-level to 735m (Gunung Satalibo on Komodo I.).

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